Real Brides - Tania & Tim Real Wedding

Tania & Tim

Our happy couple rode of together into the sunset at the Tania & Tim Real Wedding. The team at Allure Bridal Couture wish them all the best in their future adventures together. We are so happy that you placed your wedding dress dreams into the hands of Allure Bridal Couture. It was an absolute pleasure to turn them into a reality.

Tania is our most courageous bride of all, as you can see from these photos from the Tania & Tim Real Wedding! This beautiful bride showed no hesitation when she jumped up on her horse, in full bridal attire showcasing her gorgeous gown.

She definitely chose the correct wedding dress to be wearing on her horse, showing off the many layers of silk organza in a full circle skirt. Allure Bridal Couture lovingly layered the fabric of Tania’s dream bridal gown. We were delighted with how it looked flowing down from Tania’s hips and spilling over her horse’s sides..

Hand draped and stitched to perfection, the stunning bodice completes the look perfectly. We adore this classic style gown!

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Real Brides - Tania & Tim Real Wedding